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Accountability--Reporting Results

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act expanded state requirements for reporting on school quality. Under the Act, states receiving Title I funding must prepare and disseminate annual report cards that, among other items, must include:

  • Disaggregated achievement information by subgroups (race/ethnicity, disability, socioeconomic level, gender, migrant status, English Language Learners)
  • Percentage of students not tested, disaggregated by student groups
  • Most recent two-year trend data in achievement by subject area and grade level in areas where assessments are required
  • Graduation rates for high school students and an elementary school indicator of the state's choice
  • Information about performance of districts making adequate yearly progress, as well as the numbers and names of schools identified for school improvement
  • Teacher qualifications/credentials, including percentage of teachers with emergency credentials and percentage of classes not taught by "highly qualified" teachers, both in the aggregate and disaggregated by high-poverty compared to low-poverty schools.

States must ensure data are accessible and disseminated to parents and the community. Many states, for example, have bolstered their department of education Web sites to provide easy-to-find information about schools. NCLB expired in 2007. As Congress has failed to take any action to renew or modify the law, President Obama's administration has been offering states waivers from many of NCLB's requirements for states that agree to comply with certain elements of the Obama administration's educational agenda, including college and career ready standards and evaluating or grading teachers, using, in part, students' standardized test scores.

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