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Highlights and

National Forum


Read highlights from The 2004 National Forum on Education Policy, July 13-16 in Orlando. Please check back for highlights of the discussions and other news. Photos by Melvin Epps, Third Eye Productions, Philadelphia.

Governor Mark Warner and Governor Mike Huckabee

Wednesday, July 14--Virginia Governor Mark Warner passes the gavel to new ECS Chairman Mike Huckabee.


Conant award to Thurgood Marshall

John Marshall, Virginia public safety director, accepts the James Bryant Conant Award for outstanding service to education in the name of his father, civil rights leader Thurgood Marshall.

Conant award to John H. Stelle

Russell Stelle, left, and John Stelle, accept the James Bryant Conant Award in the name of their father and grandfather, John H. Stelle, "father of the GI Bill." READ MORE...

Governor Huckabee playing with his band Capitol Offense

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, left, plays bass with his band Capitol Offense. The group entertained National Forum attendees with a concert of '50s and '60s rock and roll.

Thursday, July 15
Education Policy Must Focus on Supporting Rather Than Impeding Leadership, Panelists Say
Education policy should be tightly focused on providing leaders with the tools and authority they need to make positive changes in their schools and districts, a panel of experts of education leadership agreed Thursday at The 2004 National Forum on Education Policy. READ MORE...
Full-day Kindergarten: Not Sexy but Solid
Panelists agreed that while full-day kindergarten is not the “sexiest” initiative for closing the achievement gap among students, it is solid. READ MORE...

Gvoernor Mark Huckabee

Virginia Governor Mark Warner says the No Child Left Behind Act's goals will not be fully realized unless states improve the quality of teaching in hard-to-staff urban and rural schools. READ MORE...

Moderator Janet S Hansen

Moderator Janet S. Hansen, an ECS Distinguished Senior Fellow and a RAND senior policy researcher, discussed mounting pressures on state budgets in the form of funding for K-12 education, Medicaid and higher education. READ MORE...

Governor Mike Huckabee

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee says today's employers are looking for individuals who can not only read and write well, but who can think creatively too. READ MORE...

President of Excelencia in Education Inc. Sarita E. Brown

Sarita E. Brown, president of Excelencia in Education Inc. and a senior fellow at the Pew Hispanic Center, notes that educators should treat every child as an individual and that the Brown vs. Board of Education decision has never been about serving all children equally, but rather about putting them together in a building. READ MORE...

Stephen Portch

Stephen Portch, chancellor emeritus of the University System of Georgia and an ECS Distinguished Senior Fellow, calls for significant reform in postsecondary education, including the elimination of the student credit hour. READ MORE...
States Are Exploring Ways to Assess Student Learning at the Postsecondary Level
The emerging issue of what – and how much – students learn in college was the focus of a panel discussion Thursday at The 2004 National Forum on Education Policy. READ MORE...

A man engaged in a discussion

A participant discusses NCLB requirements in a session on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act legislation.

State Policy Can Be Used to Support Improvement in Urban School Districts
When it comes to improving student achievement in urban school districts, state policies can either help or get in the way, a panel of experts agreed Thursday. READ MORE...

Is Denver's New Teacher-Pay Plan the Start of a Revolution?
A panel of policymakers, union leaders and education free marketeers at The 2004 National Forum on Education Policy on Thursday debated the promises and pitfalls of paying teachers for performance. READ MORE...

Jo Lynn DeMary engaged in a discussion

Jo Lynn DeMary superintendent of public instruction at the Virginia Department of Education and ECS commissioner, answers questions in a session about how state education leaders are working with districts to help turn around low-performing schools.
Outcome Documents from this session:

Audience Questions, NF Session #425.doc
Wallchart Notes, NF Session #425.doc
VA Poster3, NF Session #425.doc
VA Poster2, NF Session #425.doc
VA Poster1, NF Session #425.doc
KY Poster, NF Session #425.doc
NH Poster, NF Session #425.doc

Wednesday, July 14
Schools Must Do A Better Job of Preparing Citizens, Panel Says
Not all politicians want voters to be well informed and politically engaged, according to a panel at The 2004 National Forum on Education Policy that included state legislators and experts in education and civic engagement. READ MORE...

Improving Public Schools and Creating Voucher Programs: Complementary or Contradictory Paths?
As states strive to fulfill the democratic purposes of public education, must they choose between helping public schools and creating voucher programs -- or can they do both? READ MORE...

Mario C. Martinez speaking to audience

Mario C. Martinez, associate professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Nevada discusses the impact of demographic and economic trends on future demand for postsecondary education. READ MORE...

Vicki Bernstein engaged in a discussion

Director of alternative certification at New York City Teaching Fellows, Vicki Bernstein, describes rigorous alternative preparation for teachers. READ MORE...

Carl Takamura  and Governor Mark Warner

Carl Takamura, head of the Hawaii Business Roundtable, receives the Chairman's Award for Outstanding Service to ECS from Governor Mark Warner.

Xinsheng Zhang speaking to audience

Xinsheng Zhang, vice minister of education, Beijing, China, comments on education improvement problems and concerns that America and China share. READ MORE...

Ronald Ferguson of Harvard University lecturer

Ronald Ferguson, Harvard University lecturer, discusses the racial and ethnic gap in educational achievement. READ MORE...

people listening to a discussion

A packed audience listens to the discussion about No Child Left Behind's impact on teaching quality. READ MORE...

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee says the hardest part of NCLB is providing options for schools not doing their job. READ MORE...

Suellen Reed, Indiana state schools superintendent

Suellen Reed, Indiana state schools superintendent, notes that NCLB has helped her state focus its efforts, particularly in using data more efficiently.

Governors Mark Warner and Mike Huckabee engaged in discussion with former Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer

Virginia Governor Mark R. Warner makes a point makes a point during a "governors'" discussion of how to improve higher education. With him are former Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer and Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. READ MORE...

People looking at their laptop computers

Participants learn how interactive tools from Just for the Kids and Standard & Poor's can help improve learning. READ MORE...

Two Chinese delegates looking at publication  at the national forum

Two of the Chinese delegates at the National Forum peruse some of the available publications.

Tuesday, July 13

Assistant U.S. Education Secretary Raymond Simon engaged in a discussion  at the national forum

Assistant U.S. Education Secretary Raymond Simon discusses NCLB implementation issues at the National Forum on Education Policy. READ MORE...






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