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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

8:15 AM -- 9:45 AM
Opening Plenary Session: What Will American Education Look Like in 2015? (session #320)
Grand Ballroom Center and West, 2nd Floor
Opening the forum, ECS President Piedad F. Robertson will welcome participants to Minnesota and the ECS National Forum on Education Policy. Dr. Robertson also will present the Frank Newman Student Leadership Award to Eric Ross, Houston Community College, Texas; and Kendell Newman, Williams College, Massachusetts

Presentation: What Will American Education Look Like in 2015?

In the mid-1960’s, Jonas Salk began to speak of a major discontinuity in the nation and in the world that he believed would occur over several decades spanning the turn of the 21st century. He envisioned a break with the past in almost every aspect of life. Since Salk’s forecasting, we have witnessed a rapid democratization of communication technologies, which has changed how we conduct conversations; the democratization of finance, which has changed how we bank and invest; and the democratization of information, which has changed how we learn and think about the world. There are signs all around us that the physical world and social order continue to be in an escalated state of change. But are we changing our conduct as it relates to education policy? How will we leverage our essential values for the individual and for democracy so U.S. citizens have a set of skills and the analytical ability to be successful in an ever-evolving world? This session will discuss how globalization and the changing nature of the nation’s political, economic and social conditions are impacting education. The goal of the session is to foster thought and discussion of how education policymakers can lead through the change.


Mark Nieker, President, The Pearson Foundation, New York

12:15 PM -- 1:30 PM
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Plenary Luncheon: Education Technology: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (session #341)
Grand Ballroom Center and West, 2nd Floor
The ECS Corporate Award will be presented to PBS.

Presentation: Education Technology -- Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

More and more, America's ability to maintain its edge in a dynamic global economy hinges on the quality, efficiency and versatility of its education system. Enhancing and optimizing the operation, relevance and effectiveness of that system are common goals. But the application of modern education technology, methods and tools are falling far short of their promise in achieving those goals. This session will discuss how technology can and will reshape the landscape of public education and how we can realize its increasingly evident potential as an engine of change and improvement. What are the critical issues that policymakers, educators and others must address to ensure technology is purposefully and productively deployed and used to enrich the teaching and learning processes, and to broaden educational opportunity and access?

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

8:00 AM -- 9:30 AM
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Chairman's Breakfast: A Conversation With Governors About The Challenges Of Education Reform (session #410)
Grand Ballroom Center and West, 2nd Floor
During this event, Arkansas Governor and ECS Chairman Mike Huckabee will present the Chairman's Award to Neil Portnow, Recording Academy president.

Presentation: A Conversation with Governors about the Challenges of Education Reform

Former ECS Chairman Roy Barnes will lead a discussion with ECS Chairman Mike Huckabee and ECS Chairman-elect Kathleen Sebelius about the challenges governors face as they pursue education reform. Barnes is the co-chairman of a nonpartisan, independent commission examining the impact of the No Child Left Behind law. He will ask Governors Huckabee and Sebelius about the challenges they face in continuing to implement the law and changes they deem necessary for the law to achieve its intended results. They will also discuss how governors balance state education needs with the other demanding public policy issues they face as they govern.

12:00 PM -- 1:30 PM
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Plenary Luncheon: National Curriculum -- The Elephant in the Room (session #425)
Grand Ballroom Center and West, 2nd Floor
During this session, Arkansas Governor and ECS Chairman Mike Huckabee will present the Frank Newman Award for State Innovation to Kentucky. Secretary of Education Virginia Fox will accept the award.

Presentation: National Curriculum – The Elephant in the Room

The clarion cry for the United States to look better on international assessments raises the issue of whether states should agree to a common set of standards and a common curriculum. While a national curriculum or national standards appear to be common within the other countries that participate in international assessments, these terms quickly provoke serious discussions in the states. Leaders with deep knowledge of fundamental state-level beliefs and culture will discuss the issues related to national standards, national goals and national assessment. The elephant will be in the room, and we will be talking about it.

7:00 PM -- 8:45 PM
James Bryant Conant Award Banquet Dinner (session #470)
Grand Ballroom Center and West, 2nd Floor
The James Bryant Conant Award for exceptional service to education, named for ECS’ co-founder, is one of the most prestigious honors in the education community.

The 2006 National Forum on Education Policy will adjourn at the conclusion of the banquet.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

8:00 AM -- 9:30 AM
Aligning P-20 Education (session #520)
Edina Room, 2nd Floor
This post-forum session will provide an opportunity for forum participants to engage in conversations on how states -- in particular, Minnesota -- are successfully aligning their education systems to assure smooth transitions and student success.

8:00 am – 8:10 am

8:10 am – 8:30 am
P-16 Partnerships in the States: An Overview
ECS has recently surveyed states to determine the nature and structure of P-16 work happening across the country. This short presentation will provide attendees a snapshot of the current state efforts to create seamless education systems from pre-K through college graduation.

8:30 am – 9:30 am
Minnesota's P-16 Roundtable
Minnesota's P-16 Roundtable is one of the nation's most comprehensive P-16 partnerships. With representatives from all of the key state-wide education organizations, higher education systems, business, and philanthropic and community organizations, Minnesota is able to engage in substantive policy strategies to create a seamless education system. Representatives from the Minnesota P-16 Roundtable will showcase their work and discuss what they have learned about the power and challenges of working collaboratively across multiple organizations and institutions.

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