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Thank you for joining us in Philadelphia for the National Forum on Education Policy. We will continue to update this section with PowerPoints and other resources from select sessions.

Click on any of the presentations to download the PowerPoint slide show.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Session 315: Opening Plenary Session
Senator William Brock's PowerPoint Presentation: Tough Choices or Tough Times: The Report of the New Commission on Skills of the American Workforce


Session 325: Educating Today's Adult Workforce
Cheryl Blanco's PowerPoint Presentation: Educating Today's Adult Workforce: State Indicators - A New Tool

Patrick Kelly's PowerPoint Presentation: Mounting Pressures Facing the U.S. Workforce and the Increasing Need for Adult Education and Literacy

Charles McGrew's PowerPoint Presentation: Kentucky Adults in Postsecondary Education


Session 329: Understanding and Addressing the Equitable Teacher Distribution Challenge
Betheny Gross' PowerPoint Presentation: The Inequitable Distribution of Teachers Across Schools

Wesley G. Williams' PowerPoint Presentation: Ohio's Teacher Equity Plan: Addressing the Equitable Teacher Distribution Challenge


Session 351: Providing a Solid Foundation for STEM Education: K-12
Richard A. Duschl's PowerPoint Presentation: Taking Science to School

Elizabeth Lodal's PowerPoint Presentation: A Model for Success in STEM for Secondary Students and Teachers


Session 352: Evaluating Teachers Based on What They Do
Laura Goe's PowerPoint presentation: What the Research Says About Teacher Quality and Teacher Effectiveness

Julia Indalecio's PowerPoint Presentation: Cincinnati Public Schools: Teacher Evaluation System

Thomas J. Kane's PowerPoint Presentation: Identifying Effective Teachers Based on Performance on the Job


Session 353: Increasing College Readiness: Reinventing the Role of Postsecondary Education
Carolyn Jarmon's PowerPoint Presentation: IMPROVING LEARNING AND REDUCING COST: The Case for Redesign

Tennessee Board of Regents Developmental Studies Redesign Project PowerPoint Presentation


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Session 429: Improving Working Conditions for Teacher Retention and Student Success
Eric Hirsch's PowerPoint Presentation: Teacher Working Conditions are Student Learning Conditions


Friday, July 13, 2007

Session 510: Aligning P-16 Education
Jennifer Dounay Zinth's PowerPoint Presentation: The Nuts and Bolts of P-16 in the States

Jan Kettlewell's PowerPoint Presentation: P-16 Work in Georgia Overview

Charles Lenth's PowerPoint Presentation: P-16 Councils From 30,000 Feet





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