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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

4:15 PM -- 5:15 PM
Roundtable #1 – Winning the Skills Race and Strengthening America’s Middle Class (session #270)
The College Board, recognizing the importance of community colleges to an increasing number of America’s citizens, commissioned a report to study these institutions in 2007. The report makes significant recommendations to the federal government, states and to community colleges. The report has implications for economic policy, workforce development, four-year institutions and local communities.

4:15 PM -- 5:15 PM
Roundtable #2 – On a Razor’s Edge: Funding Education in Bad Economic Times (session #271)
Difficult economic times are forcing states to make tough decisions about school funding. Come share the issues and choices your state is facing and discuss the options with individuals from around the country.



Michael Griffith, Policy Analyst, Education Commission of the States, Colorado

4:15 PM -- 5:15 PM
Roundtable #3 – Child Care Quality Rating Systems (session #272)
This session highlights child care Quality Rating Systems (QRS), including information about designing, financing, evaluating and informing parents about QRS. There will also be a demonstration on how to access resources on QRS and other early care and education topics through the Research Connections Web site.

4:15 PM -- 5:15 PM
Roundtable #4 – Flash Round: Current Changes and Next Steps in High School Reform (session #274)
This roundtable will address hot-button high school reform issues, including increasing graduation requirements, dual enrollment, early college high schools, P-16/P-20 and improving the high school to postsecondary pipeline for underserved students. This is a great chance for participants to learn about ECS and other resources to help answer policy questions. Additionally, this is an opportunity to suggest high school topics and services ECS should focus on in 2008 and beyond.



Jennifer Dounay, Senior Policy Analyst, Education Commission of the States, Colorado

4:15 PM -- 5:15 PM
Roundtable #5 – Estimating a State’s Math and Science Teacher Supply and Demand (session #275)
This interactive session will discuss efforts underway by National Association of State Colleges and Land Grant Institutions to help states better assess their supply and demand situation with regard to well-qualified secondary school science and mathematics teachers.


Michael B. Allen, Principal, Allen Education, LLC, District of Columbia

4:15 PM -- 5:15 PM
Roundtable #6 – Helping Low-Income Students Succeed In Higher Education (session #276)
The CollegeKeys(TM) Compact is not simply a report from The College Board’s trustees, it is a call to action. Learn more about the report that resulted from a two-year study about the challenges facing low-income students. Join in the effort to reshape America’s education and make the American Dream a reality for all young people.



Ron Williams, Vice President for Community College Initiatives, College Board,

4:15 PM -- 5:15 PM
Roundtable #7 – Challenges Facing Rural Schools (session #277)
Learn about the changing landscape for rural schools. Please come prepared to share with and hear from your peers on such issues as declining enrollment, shared services, regional high schools and economic development.



Kathy Christie, Vice President, Knowledge Management and ECS Clearinghouse, Education Commission of the States, Colorado

4:15 PM -- 5:15 PM
Roundtable #8 – Science and Mathematics Teacher Imperative: Analytic Framework (session #278)
Work is underway to develop a means for colleges/universities to learn from one another how to increase the quantity, quality and diversity of STEM teachers. This roundtable will explore an analytical framework that incorporates key components of the most promising practices in science-math teacher recruitment, preparation, mentoring and induction, partnership, and teacher development across universities.



Charles Coble, Partner, The Third Mile Group, North Carolina


Howard Gobstein, Vice President, Research and Science Policy, National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges, District of Columbia

4:15 PM -- 5:15 PM
Roundtable #9 – Lessons Learned From State Data Systems (session #279)
Staff from the Data Quality Campaign will share how states are improving their capacity to collect, make available and use high-quality education data. What landmines have surfaced? What tips for success might help your state improve existing processes and structures?

4:15 PM -- 5:15 PM
Roundtable #10 - Pre-K Guidelines and the TEEM Model (session #280)
Texas School Readiness, funded by the Texas Legislature, encompasses the Texas Early Education Model (TEEM) Project and the Texas School Readiness Certification System. Come hear about the challenges and successes of the project working to integrate the service delivery models for Title I Prekindergarten, Head Start, and licensed Texas childcare providers. Come share ideas to better impact early childhood education for children, teachers, and parents.



Thomas Layne Waxley, TEEM Project Manager, State Center for Early Childhood Development, University of Texas-CIRCLE, Texas

4:15 PM -- 5:15 PM
Roundtable #11 - A New Day for Schools (session #281)
Schools across the country are adding time to the antiquated school calendar to meet the needs of today’s students. This roundtable discussion will review the Massachusetts model and national trends around time and learning.

4:15 PM -- 5:15 PM
Roundtable #12 - Working Holistically to Improve School Systems (session #282)
Meet GE Foundation representatives to learn about Developing Futures, an important systems change initiative. This roundtable will focus on one of the initiative's six critical components: Building a collaborative culture among teachers' associations, district boards and administrators while engaging the community to support learning and success for all students.

4:15 PM -- 5:15 PM
Roundtable #13-State Scholars Initiative (session #283)
Funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE), the State Scholars Initiative (SSI) brings successful businesspeople into the nation's classrooms schools to encourage students to complete rigorous course of study in high school. In the last three years, SSI has gathered data on student course-level data, perception data, and business-education partnerships. Participants in this roundtable will have an opportunity to learn more about the initiative, to discuss early data results, and to examine how lessons learned through this initiative could be applied in their states and school districts.


Terese Rainwater, Program Director, State Scholars Initiative, WICHE - Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, Colorado

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