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Resources from the Forum

Here are PowerPoint presentations and links from sessions at this year's ECS National Forum on Education Policy.

Note: All links are for PowerPoint slideshows unless otherwise specified; the audio files are in Quicktime format; and the video files are all streamed through YouTube.

Wednesday, July 8

Special Session: Teachers of the Year

Session 125 – Unique Local Partners Create Pathways for Graduation and Beyond for At-Risk Students in Nashville: Learn How They're Doing It
Danielle Mezera

Thursday, July 9

Session 220 – From Policy to Reality: What Will Prepare Our Students for Success
Richard Elmore

Session 222 - Innovation and Technology to Connect Education and the Workforce
Jeb Bush and Teresa Chasteen

Session 223 – Governors Panel
Jeb Bush, Phil Bredesen and Tim Pawlenty

Session 225 – More with Dr. Richard Elmore

Session 226 – Multi-State Collaborations: Lessons Learned from Two New England Efforts
Duke Albenese, Jennifer Piscatelli and Mary Ann Snider

Session 227 – Building Stepping Stones into the Workforce
Barbara Endel

Session 228 – P-20 with No Money: How States Can Move P-20 Agendas Forward During Challenging Economic Times
Amy Mast

Session 229 – Science and Mathematics Teacher Imperative: How State Universities Can Take the Teacher Preparation Bull by the Horns
Micheal Allen, Charles Coble, Howard Gobstein and Richard Herman

Session 231 – Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns
Clayton Christensen

Session 233 – The People Side of Reform: State Strategies for Enhancing Teacher Effectiveness
Allan Odden

Session 236 – 21st Century Skills: Flavor of the Month or Here to Stay?
Paul Reville

Session 235 – What Does it Take for State Policy to Enable Disruptive Innovation?
Clayton Christensen

Session 237 – Tapping Technology to Maximize Student Achievement
Bill Tucker, Scott Hochberg

Session 238 – A New Model to Improve Math Instruction and Student Learning in the Early Years
Lisa Belfield, Tommie Brown, Tisa Day, Peter Millet, Michael Nettles and Barbara Weren

Session 239 – Perspectives on Productivity: Making Opportunities Affordable in an Era of Constrained Resources for Tennessee Higher Education
Dennis Jones, Miles Burdine, Shirley Raines, Suzanne Walsh and David Wright

Friday, July 10

Session 320 – On-Ramps to College: Building Better Paths to Success for All Students
Uri Treisman

Session 321 – Coming to Our Senses: Education and the American Future
William "Brit" Kirwan, Roy Romer and Ron Williams

Session 330 – What's Around the Bend for High School Reform
Robert Balfanz, Jennifer Dounay Zinth Zinth and Uri Treisman

Session 331 – Using Education to Make the Most of Communities We Call Home: Education, the Economy and Workforce Development
Teresa Chasteen, Kathy Christie, Dennis Jones and Debra M. Lyons

Session 332 – Getting Past Go: Developmental Education as a Critical State Strategy to Increase College Success
Treva Berryman, Tara Parker, Paula Short and Bruce Vandal

Session 333 – Assessing 21st Century Skills
Shelley Billig, Sally Broughton, Kay Davenport and Stuart Kahl

Session 334 – Teaching Quality and Leadership
Jonathan Plucker, Barbara Thompson and Gary Whiteley

Session 350 – College Access and Success: Can We Do More?
Kati Haycock

Session 360 – American Reinvestment and Recovery Act's Impact on States
Ronald Cowell, Michael Griffith, Paul Lingenfelter, Michelle McLaughlin and Jeff Smink






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