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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

10:00 AM -- 6:30 PM
Registration Desk (session #100)

10:00 AM -- 2:00 PM
Media/Press Office (session #105)

12:00 PM -- 5:30 PM
Cyber Cafe (session #110)

1:00 PM -- 2:00 PM
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Creating Pathways for Graduation and Beyond for At-Risk Nashville Students (session #125)
LEARN HOW THEY'RE DOING IT! Learn how Nashville Mayor Dean's Office is successfully partnering with the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools - and other public and private partners - to get dropouts and those at risk of dropping to come back to school or stay in school. Learn how Nashville has succeeded in creating Big Picture and Diploma Plus high schools, along with Gateway to College schools, a middle school after-school program based on the Providence, Rhode Island model, and the unique Attendance Center that partners with local public agencies to reduce drop out numbers, truancy and attendance issues by arranging wraparound services for at-risk students.

4:00 PM -- 4:45 PM
Commissioners' Business Session (session #140)
ECS Commissioners are invited to join their colleagues and represent their state at the annual business meeting of the Commission.


Barbara Clark, Assemblywoman, New York Assembly; ECS Vice Chair; Member, ECS Executive and Steering Committees; Board Member, NCLC; New York

Richard Rhoda, Executive Director, Tennessee Higher Education Commission; ECS Treasurer; Member, ECS Executive and Steering Committees; Tennessee

Roger Sampson, President, Education Commission of the States, Colorado

6:00 PM -- 7:30 PM
Welcome Reception & Awards Ceremony at the Hotel (session #160)
During the reception, Minnesota Governor and ECS Chair, 2008-10, Tim Pawlenty will present the 2009 Frank Newman Award for State Innovation and the 2009 ECS Corporate Award.


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