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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8:00 AM -- 3:30 PM
National Center for Learning & Citizenship Board Meeting (Invitation Only) (session #120)

12:30 PM -- 7:00 PM
Registration Desk (session #100)

12:30 PM -- 7:00 PM
Cyber Cafe (session #110)

12:30 PM -- 5:00 PM
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Answering Critical Policy Questions: Leveraging Longitudinal P-20/Workforce Data Systems (session #125)
Lunch will begin at 12:30 p.m. The meeting will begin at 1:00 p.m.

Hosted by the Data Quality Campaign.

How can longitudinal data help your state improve student achievement and inform policy and programmatic decisions? What is the role of P-16/P-20 Councils and other interagency state bodies to provide vital governance to data systems? Join us to learn how other states are using longitudinal data to affect policy change!

Why you should attend: All states have committed to building statewide longitudinal data systems that can follow an individual from P-20 and into the workforce by September 2011. With rising expectations for improved outcomes throughout the education system the pressure is on states to act quickly and effectively. Make sure that your state creates the necessary policies and practices and takes advantage of funding opportunities to develop a high-quality, usable data system.

What you will get from this session:

  • An overview of states’ status on the development and use of statewide longitudinal data systems;
  • Examples from leading states on how they are able to link and share data across agencies;
  • An opportunity to address issues such as data privacy and security;
  • Time to connect and work with your peers, including teams of state Commissioners, to develop the critical questions that are specific to your state;
  • Information on state models and data governance structures, including the role of P-16/P-20 Councils;
  • Tools and resources for you to use when you return to your state.

1:00 PM -- 3:00 PM
State Teacher of the Year Special Session (Invitation Only) (session #130)
This “invitation only” special session for State Teachers of the Year will focus on the future of “teacher leadership,” new resources for increasing teacher effectiveness, and how to better understand and become more involved in education policy.


Katherine Bassett, Director, Educational Testing Service, New Jersey

Albert Browne, National Program Director, Verizon Foundation, New Jersey

Marguerite Izzo, English Language Arts Specialist, Howard T. Herbert Middle School, 2007 New York State Teacher of the Year, New York

4:00 PM -- 4:45 PM
Commissioners' Business Meeting (session #140)
ECS Commissioners are asked to join their colleagues and represent their state at the annual business meeting of the Commission.


Barbara Clark, Assemblywoman, New York Assembly; ECS Vice Chair; Member, ECS Executive and Steering Committees; Board Member, NCLC; New York

Richard Rhoda, Executive Director, Tennessee Higher Education Commission; ECS Treasurer; Member, ECS Executive and Steering Committees; Tennessee

Roger Sampson, President, Education Commission of the States, Colorado

6:00 PM -- 7:30 PM
Welcome Reception at Hotel (session #150)

Tim Pawlenty
Governor of Minnesota, 2008-10 ECS Chair

2010 Frank Newman Award for State Innovation
Governor Pawlenty will present the 2010 Frank Newman Award for State Innovation to the State of Ohio.

ACCEPTING AWARD: Deborah Delisle, Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction
Brian Williams, Ohio State Representative

2010 ECS Corporate Award
Governor Pawlenty will present the 2010 ECS Corporate Award to AT&T.

Cynthia Marshall, President, AT&T North Carolina
Laura Sanford, President, AT&T Foundation

2010 ECS Chair’s Award
Governor Pawlenty will present the 2010 Chairís Award to Teach for America.

Eric Scroggins, Executive Vice President of Growth Strategy and Development, Teach for America

2009 LESN Recognition Award

Helen James, Senior Attorney, Tennessee General Assembly

The Legislative Education Staff Network (LESN) is a joint partnership between the Education Commission of the States (ECS) and the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). This group annually recognizes an education legislative staff member who has provided exemplary service to the legislative process and been active in LESN. Although Helen James is not in attendance at this National Forum, we would like to recognize her outstanding contributions leading the legislative legal staff as they drafted the legislation resulting in Tennessee’s winning bid for the federal Race to the Top funds.


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