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Putting the Arts Front and Center on the Education Agenda
In July 2004, Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas became the 41st governor to assume the chairmanship of the Education Commission of the States. On July 15, 2004 at the ECS National Forum on Education Policy in Orlando, Florida, Governor Huckabee sat down with Richard (Dick) Deasy, director of the Arts Education Partnership, to talk about why he chose the arts in education as the focus of his Chairman's initiative and what he plans to accomplish during his two-year term. (Education Commission of the States, October 2004)

The Arts Are Vital to Young People's Success in School and in Life
Susan Sclafani is assistant secretary for vocational and adult education in the U.S. Department of Education. In a speech given at the Education Commission of the States’ Spring 2005 Steering Committee, she discussed how learning in and through the arts is central to fulfilling No Child Left Behind’s goal of improved student achievement. (Education Commission of the States, July 2005)

How Creativity, Education and the Arts Shape a Modern Economy
In November 2004, Sir Ken Robinson, senior advisor for education policy at the Getty Foundation in Los Angeles, sat down with Robert(Bob) Morrison, founder and chairman of the Music for All Foundation, to talk about the current state of American education and the role creativity and the arts play in a modern economy. This interview was conducted as part of the ECS' Arts and Minds Series,which features the views of today’s leading thinkers on topics pertaining to the arts in education. (Education Commission of the States, April 2005)

The Arts, Education and the Creative Economy
This brochure describes the emergence of the creative economy, the role arts and culture play in economic development, and state examples to promote the creative economy. (Mary Fulton, Education Commission of the States, July 2005)

Putting Arts Education Front and Center
Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and former Secretary of Education, Rod Paige, argue that the arts are an integral part of a complete, successful and high-quality education for all students. Studies suggest that engaging in the arts enhances young people’s intellectual, personal, and social development. In fact, No Child Left Behind considers the arts as part of a core curriculum, recognizing their role in the law's goal to improve student achievement. (Education Week, January 26, 2005)

The Arts - A Lifetime of Learning
In his July 15, 2004 speech accepting the ECS chairmanship, Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas outlined the initiative – The Arts: A Lifetime of Learning – that will be the centerpiece of his two-year term. Governor Huckabee explains the importance of the issue to him personally, as well as the three main components of his initiative. Read Governor Huckabee's views and personal experiences on the power of the arts in education.

Progress of Education Reform 2004: The Arts in Education
This issue of The Progress of Education Reform provides a brief summary of several recent research studies on the role and value of education in the arts, as well as a look at the results of National Assessment of Educational Progress tests in music, visual arts and theater. (Suzanne Weiss, The Progress of Education Reform, vol. 5, no. 1, Education Commission of the States, January 2004)