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FAQ(s): Exit Exams: What impact do they have on student outcomes?
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Do Curriculum-Based External Exit Exam Systems Enhance Stude...
To investigate the impact that "curriculum-based, external exit exam systems" (CBEEES) have on student learning, school policies and teaching by comparing U.S. and international student achievement data.
Issue/Topic: High School--Exit Exams
Author(s): Bishop, John
Organization(s): Consortium for Policy Research in Education
Season: Spring 1998
Findings/Results: International data (13-year-olds)
  • There is a positive relationship between countries with CBEEES and increased math achievement for students age 9-13.

  • For math, the effect of CBEEES showed an increase of...
  • 1998-04-01T00:00:00
    External Examinations and Accountability, Educational Expect...
    To compare the likelihood that students earn a high school diploma among states that as of 1993 had adopted various approaches to external examinations and performance accountability. The study explores this relationship by examining three predictors of academic success: student social background, student motivation and the gatekeeping function of teachers' expectations.
    Issue/Topic: High School--Exit Exams
    Author(s): Schiller, Kathryn; Muller, Chandra
    Publication: American Journal of Education
    Season: Winter 2000

  • The relationship between student characteristics (gender, race, urbanicity, math grades) and earning a diploma did not vary significantly between states.

  • Higher math grades in 9th and&nb...
  • 2000-12-01T00:00:00
    High School Exit Examinations and State-Level Completion and...
    To investigate the extent to which state high school exit exams are associated with high school completion rates. The study also examines associations with dropout rates and GED test-taking rates.
    Issue/Topic: High School--Exit Exams
    Author(s): Warren, John; Jenkins, Krista; Kulick, Rachael
    Organization(s): American Educational Research Association
    Publication: Educational Evaluation & Policy Analysis
    Season: Summer 2006
  • There is no statistically significant association between state exit exam policies and increases in dropout rates.

  • There are statistically significant associations between state exit exam policies and lower high school compl...
  • 2006-06-01T00:00:00
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