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This case study is to understand remedial education at select institutions and to set the stage for additional rigorous analysis. The study asks: Have there been changes in the level of remedial need? How are developmental education courses organized within colleges? What approaches to curriculum and instruction are used?
Issue/Topic: Postsecondary Academic Affairs--Developmental/Remediation/Placement; Postsecondary Institutions--Community/Technical Colleges
Author(s): Perin, Dolores; Charron, Kerry
Publication: Defending The Community College Equity Agenda
Published On: 2006
Findings/Results: Academic Preparedness of Community College Students

There is great variation across states and institutions regarding mandatory placement for underprepared students, where it exists and whether it is enforced.

Where ma...
Can Community Colleges Protect Both Access and Standards? T...
What are the state and institutional policies for remediation? To what extent do states vary concerning the regulation of remediation in the community colleges? To what extent are remedial practices at institutions consistent with state policy? How do specific remedial practices function regarding access and standards goals?
Issue/Topic: Postsecondary Accountability--Student Learning; Postsecondary Institutions--Community/Technical Colleges; State Policymaking; Remediation (K-12)
Author(s): Perin, Dolores
Organization(s): Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University
Publication: Teachers College Record
Season: Spring 2006

Five different categories pertaining to assessment and placement emerged: (1) assessment: mandatory or voluntary; (2) type of assessment measure used; (3) setting of cut scores: state or institution; (4) remedial placement: mandatory or...

Catching Up in Community Colleges: Academic Preparation and ...
To measure the extent to which academically unprepared students transfer to four-year institutions; to assess whether successful completion of intermediate outcomes diminishes the role of initial preparation and increases the probability of transfer.
Issue/Topic: Postsecondary Academic Affairs--Transfer/Articulation; Postsecondary Institutions--Community/Technical Colleges
Author(s): Roksa, Josipa; Calcagno, Juan
Organization(s): University of Virginia; Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University
Publication: Teachers College Record
Published On: 1/1/2010
  • Almost 20% of students who entered community college with poor academic preparation transferred to a four-year institution within 15 terms (5 years), but lagged behind their more academically prepared counterparts, 34% of whom trans...
Development, Discouragement, or Diversion? New Evidence on t...
To examine three alternative models of remediation: as development for future coursework, discouragement from further study, or simply a diversion onto a separate educational track; to measure the impact of remedial assignment on enrollment decisions, course grades, number of credits accumulated, and other metrics of student success.
Issue/Topic: Postsecondary Academic Affairs--Developmental/Remediation/Placement
Author(s): Scott-Clayton, Judith; Rodriguez, Olga
Organization(s): Columbia University Teachers College
Publication: National Bureau of Economic Research
Published On: 2012

  • Assignment to remediation does not develop students' skills sufficiently to increase their rates of college success.
  • Remedial assignment appears to affect adversely those students that expected they were coll...
Three Accelerated Developmental Education Programs: Features...
To describe accelerated developmental education programs at three community colleges and examine students' eventual college-level course enrollment and performance outcomes
Issue/Topic: Postsecondary Academic Affairs--Developmental/Remediation/Placement
Publication: Community College Review
Published On: 10/9/2014
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