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Teachers' Education, Classroom Quality, and Young Children's...
To consider the links between preschool teachers' education, specifically educational degree and major, and 2 outcomes: (1) classroom quality and (2) children's academic skills in the year before kindergarten entry.
Issue/Topic: P-3 Preschool; Teaching Quality--Preparation; P-3 Ensuring Quality
Author(s): Early, Diane; Howes, Carollee; Zill, Nicholas; Burchinal, Margaret; Pianta, Robert; Bryant, Donna; Clifford, Richard; Iriondo-Perez, Jeniffer; Jeon, Hyun-Joo; Maxwell, Kelly; Cai, Karen; Alva, Soumya; Griffin, James; Henry, Gary; Bender, Randall; Ebanks, Caroline; Mashburn, Andrew; Peisner-Feinberg, Ellen; Vandergrift, Nathan
Organization(s): University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; University of Virginia; U.S. Department of Education; National Institute of Child Health and Human Development; RTI International; Westat Inc.; University of California, Los Angeles
Publication: Child Development
Published On: 2007
Findings/Results: The analyses do not provide convincing evidence of an association between teachers’ education or major and either classroom quality or children’s academic gains. Most of the analyses yielded null findings. Although there were some statis...
Impact of Professional Development and Coaching on Early Lan...
To examine the effects of professional development and coaching on early childhood caregivers' knowledge of early literacy development and impact on quality language and literacy practices in center- and home-based early childhood care and education settings.
Issue/Topic: P-3
Author(s): Neuman, Susan; Cunningham, Linda
Publication: American Educational Research Journal
Published On: 6/1/2009

Teacher Knowledge

  • Professional development aimed at developing knowledge in language and literacy was insufficient by itself to change teacher practices. Specifically, for improving early literacy opportunities, this...
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