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Who Leaves? Teacher Attrition and Student Achievement
To estimate novice teachers' value-added influence on student test score gains in New York City (NYC) schools in order to assess the relative effectiveness of teachers who stay in their original school, transfer within NYC, transfer to another New York State (NYS) district, or leave teaching in NYS public schools.
Issue/Topic: Teaching Quality--Recruitment and Retention; State Longitudinal Data Systems
Author(s): Boyd, Donald; Grossman, Pam; Lankford, Hamilton; Wyckoff, James; Loeb, Susanna
Organization(s): University of Albany, Center for Policy Research; Stanford University School of Education; University of Albany, School of Education; Stanford University; University of Virginia Curry School of Education
Publication: National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper
Published On: 2008

The findings reveal two dominant themes: 1) novice teachers of low-performing students are more likely to leave their current schools during their first two years of teaching than are teachers of high-performing students; and 2) across b...

Teacher Tradeoffs: Disentangling Teachers' Preferences for W...
To identify the characteristics of schools that teachers favor in their choice of teaching jobs.
Author(s): Horng, Eileen
Publication: American Education Research Journal
Published On: 2009

The researchers analyzed the relative importance to teachers of seven workplace characteristics (additional salary, administrative support, class size, commute time, input on school-wide decisions, resources for students and schoo...

Is the Supply of Mathematics and Science Teachers Sufficient...
To determine whether there is a sufficient supply of mathematics and science teachers.
Issue/Topic: Teaching Quality--Recruitment and Retention; STEM
Author(s): Ingersoll, Richard; Perda, David
Organization(s): University of Pennsylvania
Publication: American Educational Research Journal
Published On: 2010

1. The new supply of math and science teachers is sufficient.

  • From 1987 to 2008, the average high school graduation requirements for mathematics and science increased at a faster rate than for any other core academic field, an...
Retaining Teachers of Color: A Pressing Problem and a Potent...
To examine research on retention and turnover of teachers of color, with a focus on new teachers, who are most likely to leave the profession.
Issue/Topic: Teaching Quality--Recruitment and Retention; Minority/Diversity Issues
Author(s): Ogawa, Rodney; Achinstein, Betty; Sexton, Dena; Freitas, Casia
Organization(s): University of California, Santa Cruz; New Teacher Center
Publication: Review of Educational Research
Published On: 2010

1. Recent national studies identify rates of turnover for teachers of color are now higher than those for White teachers.

2. Policy-amenable school-level conditions related to financial, human, social and cultural capital can affec...

Impact of Induction and Mentoring Programs for Beginning Tea...
To assess the empirical research on teacher induction to determine its scope and merit and the conclusions that may be drawn from it
Issue/Topic: Teaching Quality--Induction Programs and Mentoring
Author(s): Strong, Michael; Ingersoll, Richard
Organization(s): University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education; New Teacher Center; University of California, Santa Cruz
Publication: Review of Educational Research
Published On: 2011

Overall, the studies reviewed provide support for the claim that induction for beginning teachers and teacher mentoring programs in particular have a positive impact.

 The Effects on Commitment and Retention

Toward a More Nuanced Understanding of New Teacher Attrition
To provide a more nuanced analysis of new teacher attrition
Issue/Topic: Teaching Quality--Recruitment and Retention
Author(s): DeAngelis, Karen; Presley, Jennifer
Organization(s): University of Rochester; Association of Public and Land-grant Universities
Publication: Education and Urban Society
Published On: 2011

Attrition From the Profession

  • Prevailing conditions at the profession level, at least as measured by new teacher attrition rates, have improved since the 1970s and have been better in recent years than conve...
Is PAR a Good Investment? Understanding the Costs and benefi...
To examine the costs and benefits of PAR, both financially and organizational.
Issue/Topic: Teaching Quality--Evaluation and Effectiveness
Author(s): Papay, John; Johnson, Susan
Publication: Educational Policy
Published On: 2011
  • Two main benefits of PAR have clear financial implications for districts: increased teacher retention and lower arbitration and dismissal costs.
    • Districts credit PAR with increasing retention substantially. This is...
The Magnitude, Destinations, and Determinants of Mathematics...
To examine the magnitude, destinations, and determinants of mathematics and science teacher turnover.
Author(s): May, Henry; Ingersoll, Richard
Publication: Educational Evaluation & Policy Analysis
Published On: 8/14/2012
Over the past two decades, rates of mathematics and science teacher turnover have increased but, contrary to conventional wisdom, have not been consistently different than those of other teachers. Also, mathematics and science ...
How Teacher Turnover Harms Student Achievement
To determine whether teacher turnover has a direct effect on student achievement and to explore possible mechanisms to account for the observed effect
Issue/Topic: Teaching Quality--Recruitment and Retention
Author(s): Wyckoff, James; Ronfeldt, Mathew; Loeb, Susanna
Publication: American Educational Research Journal
Published On: 10/23/2012

What is the average effect of teacher turnover on student achievement?
  • Teacher turnover harms student achievement. More specifically, the results indicate that within the same school and within the same year, studen...
Midcareer Entrants to Teaching: Who They Are and How They Ma...
To assess the potential of midcareer entrants--teachers who enter the profession from careers outside of education--to diversify teaching, staff public schools, and fill vacancies in high-need subjects
Issue/Topic: Teaching Quality--Induction Programs and Mentoring; Teaching Quality--Recruitment and Retention
Publication: Educational Policy
Published On: 2014
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