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Pathways to Boosting the Earnings of Low-Income Students by ...
To examine the hurdles that must be overcome to increase the earnings of American workers, especially low-income workers, through better education and training, and practical ways to overcome some of those hurdles.
Issue/Topic: Economic/Workforce Development--Value of an Education
Author(s): Jacobson, Louis; Mokher, Christine
Organization(s): Hudson Institute; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; The CNA Corporation
Publication: Pathways to Boosting the Earnings of Low-Income Students by Increasing Their Educational Attainment
Published On: 2009

The findings suggest that development of career-oriented skills often opens the best pathway to enhanced earning for low-performing high school students but such pathways too often are overlooked. Strong circumstantial evidence shows tha...

GED, The
To analyze differences among dropouts, GEDs, and high school graduates; discuss labor market performance and educational attainment of GEDs; present evidence on sources of growth in GED program; and, review adverse consequences of the GED.
Issue/Topic: High School; High School--GED (General Education Development)
Author(s): Humphries, John; Heckman, James; Mader, Nicholas
Organization(s): University of Chicago
Publication: National Bureau of Economic Research
Published On: 2010
  • GED recipients are not equivalent to high school graduates. They score closer to high school graduates on aptitude tests, but they experience labor market outcomes closer to dropouts.
  • Deficits in noncognitive fact...
Career and Technical Education as Pathways: Factors Influenc...
To investigate the role of career and technical education (CTE) programs in influencing the postcollege earning of students. Additionally, to investigate the relationship between student characteristics such as gender, race/ethnicity, program of study, and earnings outcomes for students enrolled in community college CTE programs in business, information technology and marketing in the state of Iowa.
Issue/Topic: Economic/Workforce Development--Value of an Education; Postsecondary Institutions--Community/Technical Colleges; Career/Technical Education
Author(s): Starobin, Soko; Santos Laanan, Frankie; Compton, Jonathan
Publication: Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk (JESPAR)
Published On: 4/19/2010


For the three career clusters studied (Business, IT and Marketing), and for all types of students, associate degree completion rates are very low, particularly for male students, non-White students, and,...

The Effects of Poor Neonatal Health on Children's Cognitive ...
To study the effects of birth weight on cognitive development from kindergarten through schooling.
Issue/Topic: Health; P-3 Brain Development; P-3; P-3 Early Intervention (0-3)
Author(s): Guryan, Jonathan; Karbownik, Krzysztof; Roth, Jeffrey; Figlio, David
Publication: National Bureau of Economic Research
Published On: 2013

The effects of low birth weight (poor neonatal health) on cognitive development from kindergarten through schooling is significant.

  • This cognitive advantage appears to remain stable through the elementary and middle sch...
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