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In December 2022, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) launched the Indiana Graduates Prepared to Succeed Dashboard (Indiana GPS). The aim is to compile education data from early childhood education to postsecondary in one, easy-to-use dashboard.

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The plans show states are deploying their share of the resources in unique ways; ramping up high-dosage tutoring and expanding social and emotional learning support.

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Attendance declines and interruptions to instruction and care have led to a rise in behavioral issues and growing gaps in literacy and math for young children. Given these challenges, the transition into kindergarten has come into focus as a critical junction where education systems can support early learners by focusing on the whole child and taking a more comprehensive approach.

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To truly appreciate teachers, it is first important to listen to their experiences and perspectives. One way states are valuing teachers’ insights is by including educators in the policymaking processes, specifically including teachers as members of education policy task forces and commissions.

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School districts have adopted surveillance strategies that aim to anticipate threats to students’ safety, but privacy advocates are raising alarms that surveillance can harm innocent people who get caught in its net. School and district leaders can struggle to maintain both vigilance and privacy.

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Education Commission of the States convened policymakers from four states for a State Policy Academy on student health and wellness. Concerns about student mental health rang true for many attendees at the academy, including interest in policy levers to improve the pipeline for school-based mental health professionals like counselors and psychologists.

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