Harold Howe began his career as a history teacher, then became a principal and superintendent of schools in Scarsdale, New York. He has been active in education for more than 50 years and shows no sign of slowing his interest or his pace. Howe was a U.S. Commissioner of Education under President Lyndon Johnson. He also held positions at the Learning Institute of North Carolina, the Ford Foundation, Duke University and Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, from which he retired in June 1994. At 82, when Howe pauses for a moment and says thoughtfully, “I think the economic division in society is rapidly becoming the most divisive force of all,” it is clear that this deeply generous and caring man is not flagging in his resolve to do what he can to be part of the national conversation about improving society in general and schooling in particular.

 PUBLISHED: November 3, 0201

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