2017 National Forum on Education Policy Resources

Session resources and PowerPoints.

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Thursday Morning Plenary Block

ESSA: Continuing to collaborate and learn from each other

Achievement Gap: Keeping equity front and center

Thursday Morning Concurrent Block

Accountability Under ESSA: State indicators for school quality or student success

ExcelinEd PowerPoint

California Education Policy Overview PowerPoint

Closing Attainment and Equity Gaps Using Data: A Minnesota case study


Equity in the Early Years: Reducing achievement gaps to ensure college readiness


Innovative Assessments with ESSA: Measuring social-emotional learning


Title I + Arts: A pathway to education equity


Thursday Afternoon Roundtables

A Valuable Resource: Parent ToolKit, produced by NBC News Education Nation and sponsored by Pearson

Advancing Educator Effectiveness from Pipeline to Practice

Charting Pathways Toward Becoming Math and Reading Ready for College and Careers

Reverse Transfer Policies for Associate Degrees

So You Want Your Schools to Do Better: Creating policy that will lead to real improvement

State Policies, Benefits and Challenges in Moving to a Student-Centered Approach

Using Pilot Program Legislation to Thoughtfully Scale Innovation

Friday Concurrent Block

Broadening Access and Participation to Ensure a Diverse and Prepared STEM Workforce

Financial Aid Redesign: Serving adult students with state aid policies

Getting Learners Online to Give Them a Leg Up: Expanding access to broadband in local communities

Pre-K Funding and Quality


Times They Are a Changing: Funding public education in uncertain times


Day One

Session 1: ESSA Update – State Plans, Legislation and Regulations

Session 2: School Finance – Revenues, Budgets, Expenditures and Funding Mechanisms

Roundtable Discussions 

Funding Special Education

State Pre-K Funding and Full-Day Kindergarten

Professional Development Breakout 1: Teaching School Finance to Legislators

Session 3: School Choice – Overview, Education Savings Accounts and Scholarship Tax Credits

Day Two

Session 4: Getting and Keeping a Quality Teacher Workforce:National and International Perspectives, State Strategies

Professional Development Breakout 2: State Policymaking in Complex Political Climates: Navigating the Partisan Divide