Session Resources

2018 National Forum on Education Policy session resources and PowerPoints.

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Ancillary Meetings

Governor’s Education Policy Advisors

Legislative Education Staff Network

Education Commission of the States Services and Supports

Session 1: Teacher Recruitment and Retention Workshop

Session 2: Accountability Systems and School Improvement

Session 3: Ed-Talk Mix-Up – School Discipline and Finance

Session 4: College Affordability – Dialogue With Peers

Session 5: Career/Technical Education – Key Policy Components and Trends

National School Boards Executive Directors

State Teachers of the Year

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Wednesday Opening Plenary

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Wednesday Breakout Sessions

CONCURRENT – Early Childhood Alignment from Pre-K Through Third Grade

CONCURRENT – Is Our Governance Right? Education Governance Structures and Policymaking

STATE SPOTLIGHT – Innovative Assessments in K-12 Education

STATE SPOTLIGHT – Integrating Workforce Development Conversations in Oregon

WORKSHOP – Financing Dual Enrollment: Innovative State Strategies

STATE SPOTLIGHT – Paying for College: Addressing Affordability in Connecticut

STATE SPOTLIGHT – More with Michelle Weise

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Thursday Morning Breakout Sessions

CONCURRENT – A State Policy Approach to Strengthening School Leadership

CONCURRENT – Funding K-12 Education: State Experiences in Strengthening School Funding Formulas

STATE SPOTLIGHT – Public-Private Partnerships to Support a P-12 Approach to Education in Arizona

STATE SPOTLIGHT – Redefining High School Graduation Pathways

WORKSHOP – 27 Is the New 18: Supporting Adult Education

STATE SPOTLIGHT – Systemic Reforms to Address Achievement Gaps in the State University of New York

STATE SPOTLIGHT – Using State-Level Advisory Councils as Policy Drivers

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Thursday Afternoon Breakout Sessions

CONCURRENT – Basic Needs as Prerequisites to Learning: Food and Financial Instability Facing Postsecondary Students

CONCURRENT – Developing the Next Dr. Science: Enhancing STEM in P-3 Environments

STATE SPOTLIGHT – Intentionality in Addressing the Equity Imperative in Higher Education

STATE SPOTLIGHT – Using State Data for Program Improvement

WORKSHOP – Where Have All the Teachers Gone? State Strategies to Recruit, Cultivate and Retain High-Quality Teachers

STATE SPOTLIGHT – Arts Education and ESSA in Illinois

STATE SPOTLIGHT – Turnaround Strategies That Drive Excellence

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Friday Opening Plenary

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Friday Breakout Sessions

CONCURRENT – Beyond the Metro: Accessing Quality Education Services in Rural Environments

CONCURRENT – Career and Technical Education: A Critical Component of State Workforce Readiness Efforts

CONCURRENT – Developing Civic Competencies Through Education

CONCURRENT – School Choice: Private Choices in Public Education

WORKSHOP – Education Policy Leadership in Times of Political Change

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