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Written by: Cassandra Quillen
June 2, 2016

Following the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in December 2015, and with the newly released ESSA regulations from the U.S. Department of Education, many stakeholders are eager to know what the law will look like in their state’s public education system and how these regulations will govern the implementation of ESSA. On June 30, 2016, Education Commission of the States will provide attendees of its 2016 National Forum on Education Policy with a unique and informative opportunity to see what ESSA means not only at the federal and state levels, but also from the perspective of daily life in the classroom.

Education Commission of the States is excited to have U.S. Secretary of Education Dr. John King lead the Every Student Succeeds Act 101: Putting states on the track to success session, where he will speak to the history of the development and authorization of ESSA and its future direction. As federal involvement in the creation of state education policies will now decrease with the passing of ESSA, states will be able to specifically address the needs of their individual student populations through laws designed to best support the growth and success of students. With this new freedom, however, come questions regarding the operational impact of ESSA at the state level. Secretary King will share insight from the federal perspective as to how the U.S. Department of Education will support states and about the intentions of ESSA and the regulations.

Joining Secretary King on stage for the session will be Superintendent of Public Instruction of Wisconsin Tony Evers, Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera and Audrey H. Jackson, 2016 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year. Superintendent Evers and Secretary Rivera will be discussing ESSA at the state level and the interaction of states with the U.S. Department of Education, giving National Forum attendees a chance to further think about and better understand how ESSA will be incorporated into their state’s schools, but also about their state’s involvement in ESSA on a larger scale. As ESSA seeks to support student success, Audrey H. Jackson will speak to ESSA from the educator’s perspective in the classroom and what the law means for not only teachers, but also for students and parents.

With speakers representing three different perspectives, attendees will be able learn more about the implementation cycle, their state’s role in the success of ESSA and also uncover opportunities for further collaboration across states. Through this timely session, Education Commission of the States is able to directly engage its constituents in conversation on a national scale and support an open dialogue across different levels as ESSA moves forward.

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