Projects & Partners

Current Projects

Districts in Action
In partnership with the National Youth Leadership Council, NCLCE is working with several school districts across the country to implement Districts in Action: Advancing Student Success through Policy and Practice. This customizable program has been designed to support districts’ efforts to attain the academic, youth development and civic learning and engagement goals outlined in their school improvement plans.

State Civic Learning Leaders
For the past three years, NCLCE has partnered with the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools to convene civic education leaders from across the United States. The purposes of these meetings are to:

  1. Provide an overview of emerging issues and policy efforts in civic education.
  2. Support state efforts to bolster high-quality civic learning and engagement opportunities for all youth.
  3. Provide opportunities for state civic learning leaders to share best practices with each other.
  4. Facilitate short- and long-term planning efforts of state civic learning leaders.

Urban and Regional Partnerships for Civic Learning and Student Success Partnership Initiative
NCLCE is partnering with Campus Compact, the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities and Generation Citizen to launch an initiative to advance civic learning and student success across the education continuum. The initiative is grounded in the understanding that civic learning is both intrinsically important and is a powerful way to deepen students’ engagement in their own education, thereby promoting their overall success. The initiative is a team-based approach designed to support local education partnerships through an Action Summit and complementary learning communities.


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