Strategy Labs

Strategy Labs provides a platform for policy leaders and influencers in all 50 states to share research, data and professional experiences to advance educational attainment.

Strategy Labs enables state and system-level policymakers and postsecondary education leaders to connect and collaborate with one another and with experts to develop strategies to increase educational attainment for all students.

As a partner supporting the Strategy Labs platform, Education Commission of the States tracks legislative activity across key postsecondary issues that align with Lumina Foundation’s State Policy Agenda 2017-20. The policy issues include targeting resources to low-income students, expanding credential paths, adopting and sustaining outcomes-based funding systems, setting attainment goals, and tracking progress on the goals through state data systems.

Education Commission of the States’ 2017  Mid-year State Policy Tracking Update for the Strategy Labs Platform provides summary data for state legislative actions related to Lumina’s state policy agenda, enacted measures, pending bills and examples of state legislation.

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Student Outcomes

Attainment Goals