The passing of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provides states with increased flexibility to include the arts as a component of a well-rounded education.

This new special report from the Arts Education Partnership (AEP), a center within Education Commission of the States, ESSA: Mapping opportunities for the arts, highlights the ways that states can engage the arts in the ongoing implementation of ESSA.

“The arts offer innovative educational pathways to help ensure that students have access to a well-rounded education and there are many new opportunities for integrating the arts with ESSA,” said Scott Jones, senior associate with AEP. “AEP will continue to update this report as new ESSA guidelines and rules are released, so that it serves as an up-to-date resource for arts and education communities as they look to improve schools and educational outcomes for all students.”

This resource includes topical breakdowns exploring specific areas within the law: Accountability, Assessment, State Plans and Title 1, Part A. In each section, the report identifies areas for engaging the arts in ESSA implementation, provides research summaries supporting the role of the arts in achieving goals within the topic area and includes a list of additional resources for further investigation. A question and answer section is also included in the report.

For questions, contact Education Commission of the States Communications Director Amy Skinner at or (303) 299.3609.

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 PUBLISHED: October 6, 2016




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