Safety is one key component of creating a space conducive to learning — whether that space is in an elementary school or on a college campus. We are capturing state efforts to prevent and respond to safety concerns in a suite of resources that include information on various topics, from early identification and response protocols to safety plans to support systems and structures. 


50-State Comparisons

How all states approach safety policies.


Policy Reports

Relevant context and state policy examples on safety issues.




Blog Posts

Legislative trends and other news with implications for safety.

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This series of blog posts explores state efforts to improve school safety through legislation, initiatives, task forces and more. In seven posts, this series aims to inform state efforts to make schools and higher education institutions safe places to learn and work.

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States are using a variety of measures to help prevent sexual assault and misconduct on university and college campuses, from partnering with local law enforcement on reporting protocol to developing trauma-informed trainings for campus staff.

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School safety continues to be a priority for state education leaders across the nation. It was identified as one of six key education policy issues mentioned by governors in our 2019 recap of State of the State addresses.

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Preparing for natural disasters is a grim fact of life for school districts in many parts of the country, especially those in coastal areas. As education leaders review their school safety plans and policies, it may be prudent to include updates to responses to natural disasters.

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In our recent post on school security efforts, we shared that many states are recommending school resource officers as one measure — among many — to improve safety on school campuses.

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As states grapple with how to respond and address public concerns about school safety, many have opted to create a task force or study committee to assess potential holes in the state’s safety framework.

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State Information Requests

Brief issue scans, typically provided within 48 hours, that provide top-level information on safety.

Policy Responses and Other Executive Actions to the Coronavirus in Public Schools
Safety Standards for School Buses
Sexual Assault Response Teams

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