Policymakers understand that economic prosperity and individual opportunity in their states require widespread mastery of science, technology, engineering, the arts and math. In recent decades, states have passed hundreds of pieces of legislation that aim to improve access and quality in STEM fields. The following resources highlight state policy trends and promising practices in these critical fields. 


Policy Reports

Relevant context and state policy examples on issues impacting STEM/STEAM education.

Blog Posts

Legislative trends and other news with implications for STEM/STEAM education.

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Learn more from a Policy Academy we hosted with five states. 

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State reforms to science education have created new opportunities for learning, but students still have limited and unequal access. 

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Takeaways from math gains in Mississippi and the District of Columbia. 

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States that are looking to broaden access to high-quality, K-12 computer science learning experiences can learn from these examples. 

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Learn more about this line of work from the Arts Education Partnership. 

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State Information Requests

Brief issue scans, typically provided within 48 hours, that provide top-level information on issues affecting STEM/STEAM education.

STEM Funding Options
Third Grade Literacy Policies and Assessments
Computer Science Requirements for High School Graduation

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