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Each year, millions of children experience mental health concerns that affect not only their well-being, but also their ability to fully engage in the learning environment. Of children who access the treatment they need, at least 70% do so in a school-based setting — underscoring the role of K-12 schools in addressing student mental health.   


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The COVID-19 pandemic’s full psychological toll on youth remains unknown, but alarming evidence of that toll — including a rise in suicide attempts — has education leaders scrambling to understand and intervene. Many have turned to student surveys and mental health screening to do so. Such tools can help educators meet students’ diverse mental health needs, but they can also raise concerns about students’ privacy.

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Ensuring students receive the supports and resources they need continues to be at the forefront of state policymakers’ minds. Activity on this topic in 2022 focused on data collection, 9-8-8 suicide and crisis lifeline promotion, and student mental health support.

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With teacher appreciation week only a few weeks behind us and mental health awareness month coming to a close, we have a great opportunity to reflect on a pressing issue in the life of many teachers — their mental health.

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Over the past few years, champion athletes and transgender women Cece Telfer and Lia Thomas have elevated discussions about transgender athletes’ participation in competitive sports. The conversations about transgender athlete participation have led to a national discussion about balancing fairness in athletic competition and the inclusion of transgender students in athletic competition.

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Given the increased need for student mental health support and that more than 70% of children who receive mental health support do so in a school-based setting, equitable access to school-based mental health professionals is vital. The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) recommends a ratio of one psychologist for every 500 students…

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