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Students across the country have opportunities to learn through different modalities. States look to provide innovative options for varying student needs, including competency-based education, remote learning and services to alleviate interrupted instruction. With multiple learning modalities and possibilities of long-term school closures, states also look to flexible assessment and accountability systems. This page catalogues the most up-to-date information we have on policies affecting learning, assessment and interruptions to student learning.


50-State Comparisons

How all states approach policies affecting assessment of learning


Policy Reports

Relevant context and state policy examples concerning students’ access to learning.

Blog Posts

Legislative trends and other news with implications for student learning and assessment of learning.

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The recent release of National Assessment of Educational Progress data highlights the scale of interrupted learning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and points to the exacerbation of existing inequities in student opportunity and achievement.

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Little did we know, the final year of ESSA implementation would be intertwined with a wave of unprecedented challenges to the education system.

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Read about examples of states that are engaging key stakeholders to realize full implementation of their ESSA plans.

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Legislation indicates that if the waivers are not provided again this school year, states will administer assessments but limit the use of those assessment results.

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State Information Requests

Brief issue scans, typically provided within 48 hours, that provide top-level information on student learning and the assessment of learning.

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Addressing Interrupted Instruction During COVID-19
Federal Assessment and Accountability Requirements
Waivers to High School Graduation Requirements During COVID-19

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