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50-State Comparison: Instructional Time Policies

Instructional time policy is critical to education service delivery because it dictates the amount of time students are learning in the classroom. Instructional time policy is often used by states…


  February 6, 2023

  50-State Comparison



  Attendance, Standards & Curriculum, Students & Families

State Policies to Support Student-Centered Learning

There is growing interest in student-centered learning as a model to better support individual learners. In recent years, state policymakers have pursued multiple approaches to implement this instructional model, but…


  July 11, 2022

  Policy Report


  AR, CO, ID, IL, KY, NC, ND, NH, RI, SC, UT, WA, WY

  Accountability, Assessment, Governance, Standards & Curriculum, Students & Families, Teachers & Leaders

Instructional Time Policy 101

Instructional time policy is critical to education service delivery because it sets minimum, and sometimes maximum, requirements for learning time. Each state defines instructional time differently, and states have varying requirements in policy. This Policy…


  March 23, 2021

  Policy Report


  AL, CA, DC, IA, KY, MS, NC, NJ, OR