STEM & Vital Signs

Education Commission of the States supports state policymakers as they work to ensure students have equitable access to high-quality science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) educational experiences.

Education Commission of the States monitors the development and implementation of state STEM policies, provides policy research and analyses to states, and responds to requests for information, presentations, testimony and technical assistance. Just as we serve state education leaders across diverse policymaker role groups and across the P-20 continuum, our STEM policy experts address the unique needs of these various constituencies across STEM issues from early childhood through postsecondary and the workforce.

Education Commission of the States compiles information on STEM education policies from early childhood through postsecondary education and workforce so state policymakers can make informed decisions.

  • Vital Signs, previously housed by Change the Equation, is the nation’s most thorough and timely source of state-by-state data on the condition of STEM education. Dive into this comprehensive database, review in-depth STEM information for your state, other states or nationally, and utilize the information to advance STEM opportunities for students.
  • Our State Education Policy Tracking resource allows you to view enacted and vetoed bills on a wide variety of topics, searchable by state and or issue. STEM, Computer Science and Career/Technical Education are just a few of the topics covered.
  • STEMtistics infographics on a variety of topics are available to guide the STEM conversation.
  • Archived Vital Signs briefs from Change the Equation are available here.
  • Click here to go to WestEd’s website to view STEMworks, a searchable online honor roll of in- and out-of-school high quality STEM education programs.

Education Commission of the States regularly issues relevant and timely reports providing education leaders with concise, nonpartisan overviews on the full spectrum of state education policies. Recent STEM policy reports include:

Education Commission of the States brings education leaders together within their states and across states to interact, collaborate and learn from each other.

  • Our 2017 National Forum on Education Policy featured a plenary session and breakout session on career readiness (both included STEM), as well as a breakout session featuring STEM efforts in Washington state and Idaho.
  • Our 2016 National Forum on Education Policy featured an Ed Talk with robotics coach Fredi Lajvardi.
  • In 2016, we also hosted our first SepSTEMber, bringing STEM to the forefront among policymakers and national organizations through various activities, including report releases, blogs and a STEM Twitter chat.

Education Commission of the States has policy experts available to provide unbiased advice on policy plans, consult on proposed legislation and testify at legislative hearings and interim committees as third-party experts. Our policy team has responded to a number of state information requests on STEM, including:

Contact Claus von Zastrow for your questions on STEM policies.