Task forces and commissions are temporary, stakeholder-represented councils charged with examining a particular topic or issue and, in most cases, providing findings and recommendations to inform future policymaking decisions. The task forces and commissions captured in this dashboard are created through state legislation or governors’ executive orders.  

While task forces and commissions may be convened around novel policy ideas, they can also be conducted to review a state’s approach to a particular policy area and build consensus and support for solutions to complex challenges. Legislators and governors have significant latitude to call task forces and commissions for unique reasons or at regular intervals into the future. These task forces may range from high importance to more routinized reviews of policy areas that are mandated to occur.  

This dashboard captures task forces and commissions created from 2021 to present by legislation or governor’s executive order. The data points include:   

  • State.  
  • Bill/Executive order number.
  • Summary, including the task force and commission’s title, charge and important dates.  
  • Final reports providing findings and recommendations.
  • ECS Work. 

The map breaks down the number of task forces and collections by state. The wheel breaks down the trending topics. Click on the map or the trending topics wheel to narrow your search and to find additional information. Underlined words include a link to the state’s source materials. 

 PUBLISHED: September 13, 2022




 STATE(S): Nationwide

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