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Convene & Counsel

Bringing education leaders together from across the aisle and across states, our gatherings provide opportunities to interact, learn and collaborate.

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2019 Winter Commissioners Meeting

This invitation only convening will be held December 5-6 in Denver.
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Research & Reports

Education Commission of the States is the trusted source for comprehensive knowledge and resources on hundreds of education policy issues.

An Analysis of State Postsecondary Governance Structures

This Policy Guide examines the various state postsecondary governance models and their components, and also offers questions for further consideration.
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50-State Comparison: Statewide Apprenticeships

This 50-State Comparison provides a national comparison of state policies and programs related to statewide apprenticeships.
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Education Policy Responses to the Opioid Crisis

The Policy Brief explores the connection between education policy and the opioid crisis, provides examples of recent state policies and initiatives, and outlines considerations for education policy leaders.
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While covering the full spectrum of education policy, Education Commission of the States dives deeply into key issues impacting all states.

Vital Signs

Explore the nation’s most comprehensive state-by-state data on STEM education.
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Strong Start to Finish

California Community Colleges join Strong Start to Finish initiative. Now impacting nearly 3.7 million students across five states, the initiative supports systems and institutions to bring to scale English and math evidence-based policies and practices that boost college graduation.
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Arts Education Partnership

The Arts Education Partnership is dedicated to securing a high-quality arts education for every young person in America.
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