Education Commission of the States tracks education-related proposals from governors’ annual State of the State addresses. Click on a state in the map below to view annual state-specific proposals (purple indicates the 2020 summary is available. Montana, Nevada and North Carolina will not have a state of the state address this year).  Click here to view our report highlighting the top six education priorities – workforce development and career and technical education, K-12 school finance, postsecondary affordability, teacher compensation and benefits, early learning and student health – identified by governors across the states in 2020, as well as state highlights for each priority area.  Or view past years’ reports highlighting the education-related topics covered in governors’ State of the State addresses using these links:  2020  2019   2018    2017   2016   2015   2014   2012

 PUBLISHED: January 10, 2020




 STATE(S): Nationwide

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