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Enhancing STEM in P-3 Education

This Policy Guide, informed by experts in early education and STEM fields, identifies policies and actions a state can adopt to bring STEM opportunities to the early grades (pre-K through…


  January 22, 2020

  Policy Report

  Early Education (P-3)

  IA, ID, NV, UT, VA, WA


Governors’ State of the State Addresses: Education-Related Proposals

Education Commission of the States tracks education-related proposals from governors’ annual State of the State addresses. Click on a state in the map below to view annual state-specific proposals (purple…


  January 10, 2020

  50-State Comparison

  Early Education (P-3), High School, K-12, Postsecondary


  Accountability, Assessment, Attendance, Finance, Governance, Safety, School Choice, Standards & Curriculum, Students & Families, Teachers & Leaders, Transitions

State Information Request: P-3 Literacy

An education consultant asked us for information on literacy results, assessments and alignment of programming for early learners — from pre-K to third grade. Our response includes research and examples…


  December 13, 2019

  State Information Request

  Early Education (P-3)



Key Issue: Governance

“How and by whom are education policy decisions made in my state?” The answer to that question varies tremendously, depending on both state and education level. The answer also carries…


  November 23, 2019

  Key Issue

  Early Education (P-3), K-12, Postsecondary



Key Issue: Funding

Funding dictates what is possible in policy. Without adequate education funding, it is not possible to implement innovative ideas, create new policies or strengthen existing ones. Our work at Education…


  November 23, 2019

  Key Issue

  Early Education (P-3), K-12, Postsecondary