This three-part series explores the elements of an equity framework that can aid policymakers in identifying barriers that impede success for underserved students and that can assist them in working with constituents to advance educational outcomes for those students.

Creating an Equity Framework That Supports Underserved Students

This Policy Brief proposes three core principles for creating an equity framework: using data intentionally, understanding the institutional environment and implementing differentiated supports for underserved students.

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Using Student Data to Address Inequities

Past and present data collection practices are presented in this Policy Brief along with insight on enduring challenges and strategies for improving both the collection and presentation of data.

Promising Practices in Creating an Equity Framework

State programs and initiatives that employ aspects of the proposed equity framework are highlighted in this final Policy Brief in the series.

Education leaders may use this series filled with tools, practices and insight to address institutional inequities that continue to impact the educational outcomes of historically underserved student populations.

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 PUBLISHED: December 21, 2021

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