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Research shows teachers are the most influential in-school factor in student achievement. Creating opportunities for strong teacher preparation, meaningful licensure, quality and supportive working environments, career growth and other items that lead to job satisfaction among teachers is paramount to the success of teachers and in turn, students. Though many of the decisions impacting teachers are made at the district and school level, state policy plays an important role in setting benchmarks, guidelines and incentives that lead to effective and well-supported teaching professionals.


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To truly appreciate teachers, it is first important to listen to their experiences and perspectives. One way states are valuing teachers’ insights is by including educators in the policymaking processes, specifically including teachers as members of education policy task forces and commissions.

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Our Teacher Compensation Series highlights options for policymakers to create a sustainable approach to teacher compensation that supports long-term entry and persistence in the teacher workforce.

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According to the U.S. Department of Education, over half of the nation’s K-12 students are children of color, while about 80% of the educator workforce is white. States are increasingly interested in closing this diversity gap…

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This is a three-part series that explores state updates to teacher license reciprocity, how states might consider reciprocity during the pandemic and how states can support reciprocity for military spouses.

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As we surpass the one-year mark of the pandemic, state policymakers continue to grapple with profound issues impacting student opportunity and success. College access and affordability, school funding and accountability are all top of mind as state leaders navigate a rapidly changing education landscape…

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