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State Legislation: Students & Families

For our interactive map of enacted and vetoed state legislation from the 2020-current legislative sessions, please click here.
For legislation prior to 2020, select by state or from the list of topics below:

At-Risk (incl. Dropout Prevention)
At-Risk (incl. Dropout Prevention): Alternative Education
At-Risk (incl. Dropout Prevention): Drugs / Alcohol
English Language Learner / Bilingual
Health: Child Abuse
Health: Mental Health
Health: Nutrition
Health: Suicide Prevention
Integrated Services / Full-Service Schools
Mentoring / Tutoring
Middle School
Minority / Diversity Issues
Minority / Diversity Issues: African American
Minority / Diversity Issues: American Indian / Alaska Native / Native Hawaiian
Minority / Diversity Issues: Hispanic
P-3 English Language Learners (ELL)
P-3 Health and Mental Health
P-3 Parent Engagement
P-3 Special Ed. / Inclusion
Parent / Family
Parent / Family: Parent Rights
Postsecondary: Academics and Student Support Services
Postsecondary: Developmental / Remedial Education
Postsecondary: Tuition / Costs / Student Debt
Postsecondary: Financial Aid
Postsecondary: Student Populations
School Safety: No Child Left Behind: Safe Schools
School Safety: Special Education
Social / Emotional Learning and Non-Cognitive Skills
Special Education
Special Education: Finance
Special Education: Placement
Special Populations
Special Populations: Corrections Education
Special Populations: Foster Care
Special Populations: Gifted and Talented
Special Populations: Homeless Education
Special Populations: Immigrant Education
Special Populations: Migrant Education
Special Populations: Military
State Longitudinal Data Systems
Student Achievement
Student Achievement: Closing the Achievement Gap
Student Records
Student Surveys
Youth Engagement


Jan. 31, 2020

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