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Vergara and the complexities of teacher employment policies

The Progress of Education Reform: The shaping of federal education policy over time

State approaches to funding dual enrollment

Reverse Transfer: The path less traveled

Free and compulsory school age requirements

Redesigning State Financial Aid: Principles to guide state aid policymaking

Learning Time in America: Trends to reform the American school calendar

Computer science in high school graduation requirements

Community colleges expand role into awarding bachelor's degrees

Targeted programs and career pathways within workforce development policies

Blueprint for college readiness
* 50-state policy analysis

* 50-state database 

  • PERMay2015
    An overview of major events in education policy history, events that shaped both today’s individual opinions and current federal jurisdiction.
  • dual-funding
    State policymakers are working to remove financial barriers to dual enrollment courses by shifting costs to the state or district instead of the student.
  • reversetransfer
    Education leaders are using an innovative approach to help more students earn a college degree.
  • schoolage
    State policymakers across the nation continue to push for expanded free and compulsory school age requirements.
  • financialaid
    This report marks the launch of a two-year project focused on rethinking state financial aid programs to meet the needs of today's college students.
  • NF2015
    Join us in June for the premier education policy event of 2015! No other event brings together such a wide range of pivotal leaders all focused on transforming education policy.

Early  Learning
Indiana pre-K pilot improving program quality
When Gov. Mike Pence signed the state’s first preschool pilot program into law, the goal was to get more low-income children enrolled in high quality preschool programs to help their overall education over time. More high-quality programming has also emerged. (State Impact)

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