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State funding for students with disabilities (50-state database)

ECS Blueprint Webinar: Higher Education Accountability Policies and Metrics

The Civics Education Initiative of 2015

Kentucky to receive Frank Newman Award for State Innovation

Dr. William L. Sanders to receive 2015 ECS James Bryant Conant Award

Vergara and the complexities of teacher employment policies

The Progress of Education Reform: The shaping of federal education policy over time

State approaches to funding dual enrollment

Reverse Transfer: The path less traveled

Free and compulsory school age requirements

Blueprint for college readiness
* 50-state policy analysis

* 50-state database 

  • NF2015
    We're excited to see all of you in Denver!
  • website
  • disabilities
    A 50-state review and related database focused on states’ primary funding mechanisms for students with disabilities.
  • civics-ed
    This trends report explores the Civics Education Initiative and related 2015 legislation.
  • SFAR
    New Education Commission of the States data portal details the 100 largest state financial aid programs across the country
  • vergara
    Teacher employment policies – tenure, dismissal and seniority – have been debated for years, but recent cases playing out in the courts have elevated the discussion and disputes.

Private Schools
CO county program deemed unconstitutional

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that a voucher program proposed by a suburban school district is unconstitutional. But members of that board said they would consider asking the U.S. Supreme Court for a second opinion. (Chalkbeat Colorado)

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