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Trends in state charter school laws: Authorizers, caps, performance-based closures and virtual schools (read the press release)

ECS is hiring! Please see our Employment Opportunities page for details. Available positions include Researcher and Policy Analyst.

A Cure for Remedial Reporting Chaos (read the accompanying report and the press release)

Marc Tucker receives 2014 James Bryant Conant Award

Illinois receives Frank Newman Award for State Innovation

Different paths to a common goal: Preparing students for civic life (read the press release)

Secretaries of state make impact, lasting impression in civics

The Progress of Education Reform: Science in the Early Years (read the press release)

2013 Annual Report: See how ECS served you last year

States moving from accreditation to accountability (read the press release)

  •  name=
    A 50-state scan shows states increasingly focused on charter school authorizers to improve oversight and performance.
  • remedial report
    30 states have issued annual remedial reports in the past few years, but metrics vary.
  • forum resources
    We've got speakers' presentations, handouts and more from the ECS 2014 National Forum on Education Policy.
  • progress of education june 2014
    Research shows science instruction for the youngest students can improve third-grade literacy rates.

Bill Gates talks performance funding, MOOCs
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates touched on a myriad of issues facing higher education institutions during a keynote address at the annual conference of the National Association of College and University Business Officers, touching on several key issues. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

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“I'm lovin' your website! The links you provided below have really helped in wrapping my head around the various types of P-16/P-20 initiatives.” –Participant, local P-16 initiative in California

“I received excellent information from ECS about dual enrollment the same day that I sent the request. Very impressive! I look forward to using ECS again in future projects. ” –National Organization Staff

“All the sessions were very insightful and chock full of valuable and timely information. Speakers were excellent. Great job!” –Attendee, ECS Winter Commissioners’ Meeting

“All sessions were great! Very valuable data that presented a broader perspective.” –Attendee, ECS Winter Commissioners’ Meeting

“This is my first ECS experience. I am most impressed. Thank you.” –Attendee, ECS Winter Commissioners’ Meeting

“I thought the sessions were wonderful and I am already thinking how we can use ECS services. ELL, STEM, and CCSS implementation strategies come to mind immediately.” –STATE HIGHER EDUCATION EXECUTIVE OFFICERS ASSOC. (SHEEO)

“Thank you so much for this great information! I really appreciate the quick turn-around and the wide array of ideas… You’ve given me some good homework for tonight! ”–Governor’s Education Policy Advisor

“Please accept this belated thank you for so generously supplying all this terrific information. This is immensely helpful to us.” –National organization

“Thanks so very much for pulling all this together for me so quickly. This is a treasure trove of great resources and I really appreciate you sending this along.” –Reporter, national publication

“I think you're the best source I’ve ever dealt with. THANK YOU very, very much.” –State NPR affiliate

“ECS was certainly a huge help in providing research for this bill ... thank you!” –Legislative staffer

“I apologize for taking so long to follow up on this wonderfully prepared email—it has been most helpful in helping some of our policy discussions.” –From the ECS Facebook page

“I stumbled across your website, which was ... VERY helpful—I found exactly what I needed!” –Member of the public

“I wanted to thank you for this fantastic email. You have been able to provide us with great guidance this past week.” –Legislative staffer

“ECS is the single best source for education data and policy information.” –From the ECS Facebook page

“Thanks so much for following up with this good information! It's a valuable and very useful summary.” –Vice Chancellor, State University System

“Thanks again for all of your help earlier this year! You are a wealth of knowledge.” –Director, Assessment, Accountability & Information Management, State Department of Education

“Thank you again—we really appreciate how quickly you got back to us and you have provided great background resources to help start the state board’s conversation!” –State Board of Education member

“Thank you so much! This is just the information I needed. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. You’re the best.” –State Legislative Education Staff

“Thank you so incredibly much! I was able to use your research in a memo that will be going to our Chief of Staff and then recommend to the Congressman.” –Staff, U.S. Congressman

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