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Assessment Opt-Out Policies: State responses to parent pushback

Governors’ Top Education Issues: 2015 State of the State addresses

In-state tuition policies under the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act

Multiple measures for college readiness

Addressing postsecondary access for undocumented students

Dual enrollment course content and instructor quality

Closing the achievement gap: Four states' efforts

State Pre-K Funding: 2014-15 fiscal year

State funding mechanisms for English language learners

Trends in teacher certification: Equipping teachers to prepare proficient readers

Blueprint for college readiness
* 50-state policy analysis

* 50-state database 

  • opt-out
    Confusion is growing as parents increasingly want to opt their children out of state tests. Some state policies are clear on this issue, but many are still working through the process..
  • stateofstate
    As governors around the country give their annual State of the State addresses, education issues – from preschool to college – have been a top priority.
  •  name=
    Beginning in July 2015, states are required to offer in-state tuition prices to military veterans and their families as part of the enacted Choice Act.
  • readiness
    More states are considering multiple factors — including coursework, course rigor, GPA and assessments — for students to meet high school graduation and college admission requirements.
  • undocumented
    States address residency eligibility of the large population of undocumented students in the U.S.
  • blueprint
    Designed to serve as a framework to help K-12 and higher education leaders conceptualize the multitude of education reform efforts underway in their states.

Common Core
Thousands of NM students walkout to protest new tests
New assessment tests that have angered parents and teachers across the nation prompted walkouts by hundreds of high school students in New Mexico. The backlash comes as millions of U.S. students started taking the rigorous tests aligned with the Common Core. (CBS)

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