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what's new
Community colleges expand role into awarding bachelor's degrees

Targeted programs and career pathways within workforce development policies

Questions to consider when creating or modifying charter school laws

Using assessments to inform 12th-grade interventions and accelerations (see the accompanying 50-state database)

ECS and National Experts Examine: State-level English language learner policies (see the accompanying 50-state database)

Listen to the first installment of the ECS Blueprint Webinar series — Transfer Policies: Students on the Move

The Progress of Education Reform: A look at funding for students with disabilities

Assessment Opt-Out Policies: State responses to parent pushback

Blueprint for college readiness
* 50-state policy analysis

* 50-state database 

  • degrees
    More states are allowing community colleges to offer bachelor’s degrees and there are several fundamental questions for state leaders to take into account.
  • targeted
    Several states have policies in place that work toward the greater goal of increasing workforce opportunities for students at multiple levels.
  • 12th-grade
    States have an opportunity to use college and career readiness test results to make the final year of high school more impactful.
  • ELL2
    Policymakers are committed to creating educational systems that address the needs of the fast-growing ELL population, but there are many challenges..
  • NF2015
    Join us in June for the premier education policy event of 2015! No other event brings together such a wide range of pivotal leaders all focused on transforming education policy.
  • blueprint
    Designed to serve as a framework to help K-12 and higher education leaders conceptualize the multitude of education reform efforts underway in their states.

Teacher Hiring
KS to discuss unlicensed teachers
The Coalition of Innovative School Districts – a group created by Kansas lawmakers in 2013 to allow a small group of districts to work outside some of the state’s educational red tape – has proposed a “specialized teaching certificate” that would allow some school districts to hire people without teaching licenses to lead classrooms. (Wichita Eagle)

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