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Bringing education leaders together from across the aisle and across states, our gatherings provide opportunities to interact, learn and collaborate.


State Policy Symposium

Join Americans for the Arts, the Kennedy Center and the Arts Education Partnership on March 5 for a one-day policy symposium discussing the states of change and the intersection between the arts and education policy.
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2015 National Forum

2016 National Forum on Education Policy

Mark your calendar! The 2016 National Forum on Education Policy is June 29–July 1 in Washington, D.C.
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State Relations Trip to Hartford

Did you know our team can visit your state and provide expertise? Request personal assistance from your education policy team today!
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Research & Reports

Education Commission of the States is the trusted source for comprehensive knowledge and resources on hundreds of education policy issues.


State Pre-K Funding for 2015-16 Fiscal Year: National trends in state preschool funding

State Pre-K Funding for 2015-16 Fiscal Year: National trends in state preschool funding highlights an increase in early learning programs for the fourth-straight year. The report includes several state examples and an overview of the pre-k programs they have in place.
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Guns on Campus report

Guns on Campus: The Architecture and Momentum of State Policy Action

Guns on Campus: The Architecture and Momentum of State Policy Action offers a detailed summary of state legislative action and higher education system policy decisions that have occurred in two specific categories: (1) states that have permitted or are seeking to permit guns on campus, and (2) states that have prohibited or are seeking to prohibit guns on campus.
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High School Students With Teacher In Class Using Laptops

State Civic Education Policy: Gap analysis tool for education leaders and policymakers

This Gap Analysis Tool is a flexible resource for use by states, school districts, higher education institutions and community groups to examine policies anywhere along the preschool to postsecondary spectrum.
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While covering the full spectrum of education policy, Education Commission of the States dives deeply into key issues impacting all states.

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Arts Education Partnership

The Arts Education Partnership is dedicated to securing a high-quality arts education for every young person in America.
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State Financial Aid Redesign

Education Commission of the States, with support from USA Funds, is addressing this critical issue during a two-year, intensive project focused on bringing state financial aid policies in alignment with college completion goals.
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National Center for Learning & Civic Engagement

NCLCE is committed to strengthening civic learning and engagement opportunities for students across the country.
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