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Teacher Tenure/Continuing Contract
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50-State Reports on Teacher Tenure / Continuing Contract Policies

1. Requirements for earning nonprobationary status

2. Notification of nonrenewal and hearing

3. Appeal forum

4. Other continuing contract provisions forum

5. Reasons for dismissal

6. Reduction in force

7. Last known revision

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  • Florida, North Carolina, Kansas and Idaho have chosen to repeal tenure outright, phase out tenure or remove due process provisions, though Idaho’s effort to abolish tenure was reversed by its voters.
  • 16 states use teachers’ performance ratings as a component of decisions to grant tenure.
  • Seven states require districts to return teachers to probationary status if their performance is rated unsatisfactory.
  • Instead of making lay-off decisions on the basis of tenure status or seniority, 11 states require that teacher performance be the primary consideration. Another state, Washington, adds this requirement in 2015-16.
  • 10 states explicitly prohibit the use of tenure status or seniority.

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How the database was developed:

In compiling the information for this database, we reviewed each state’s statutes and recently enacted legislation concerning teacher tenure and contracts. State regulations might add additional nuance to what is found in statute.

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Staff contact:

As with any compilation of information across the 50 states, the information is only as good as the information available. We welcome any corrections, additions, or changes. Contacts: Jennifer Thomsen (



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