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50-State Comparison: High School Feedback Reports

High school feedback reports can allow states, districts and schools to evaluate the transition of students from high school to postsecondary education. These reports or data systems contain a variety of information on a state’s high school graduates, including postsecondary enrollment data, developmental education needs and first year postsecondary outcomes, all reported at the individual high school level.

This resource provides a national comparison of high school feedback reports or systems across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Click on the questions below for 50-State Comparisons showing how all states approach specific policies. Or, view a specific state’s approach by going to the individual state profiles page.

Information in this resource was gathered from state policy and/or publicly available reports and dashboards.


  • For the purposes of this resource, we classify a state as having a high school feedback report or system if the state provides data regarding the postsecondary enrollment or performance of high school graduates to individual high schools. States may provide postsecondary information to individual high schools from in-state postsecondary institutions or systems or from national data sources such as the National Student Clearinghouse.
  • We did not count reports or systems in which postsecondary data on high school graduates was only broken down at the state, county or district levels.

Key Takeaways

  • At least 42 states have a high school feedback report or system, either required by state policy or through publicly available reports.
  • The most reported area of information across states is postsecondary student enrollment (41 states). Other commonly reported areas include first year outcomes (23 states), remedial/developmental education enrollment (21 states) and high school outcomes (14 states).
  • Of the states with a high school feedback report or system, 22 states break their information down by race/ethnicity, and 19 states break down their information by income indicators.

50-State Comparisons

Click on the items below to see data for all states.

  1. Does the state maintain a system or report to provide postsecondary feedback to individual high schools?
  2. Which agency or department is responsible for creating and/or housing the report?
  3. Where are reports publicly-available?
  4. Which types of postsecondary institutions are included in the system or report?
  5. What areas of information are included in the report?
  6. Is data broken down by race and ethnicity?
  7. Is data broken down by income indicators?
  8. Which state statute or policy addresses high school feedback reports?
  9. All data points for all states

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Oct. 12, 2020

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