The Arts Count Series

The Arts Count series describes the researched benefits of arts education and the role arts education can play in student success. It currently includes briefs on music, visual arts and dance, and each brief draws on research published in ArtsEdSearch. Originally titled “Arts Matter,” the series has been renamed “Arts Counts” in positive recognition of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Theatre Counts

Explore how theatre education promotes identity development and growth, builds empathy and relationships, and empowers students to transform their understanding of their place in the world.

Dance Counts

Explore how dance education promotes early development of language and literacy, supports long-term academic growth and builds connections to community.

Visual Arts Matter

Explore how visual arts support students’ academic success both within and outside of school settings by cultivating learning skills, boosting academic achievement and enhancing the educational experience of traditionally underserved students.

Music Matters

Explore the demonstrated effects of music education and how it helps students develop the foundational capacities for lifelong success.