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Funding dictates what is possible in policy. Without adequate education funding, it is not possible to implement innovative ideas, create new policies or strengthen existing ones. Our work at Education Commission of the States focuses on how money supports systems across the education spectrum — from early learning through workforce development — and across the country in all 50 states and territories. Our work recognizes that these decisions are often difficult, which is why we provide policymakers with unbiased information and opportunities for collaboration.

These resources include primers and contextual information, including current state examples, for funding issues in pre-K, K-12, postsecondary, and for specific student populations and programs.


50-State Comparisons

How all states approach funding policies.


Policy Reports

Relevant context and state policy examples on specific funding issues.

Blog Posts

Legislative trends and other news with implications for funding.

While the economy is currently strong, conversations are already beginning about when the tides may turn. Survey data indicates that millions of Americans believe a recession is looming, and some business economists believe a recession is possible before the next presidential election.

Revenue from recreational marijuana sales can be a large influx of cash for a state and, in many cases, vitally needed cash. Currently, 10 states and the District of Columbia allow the use of recreational marijuana ...

One question I repeatedly get asked is, “Why are state school funding formulas so complicated?” My first answer to that question is that we need complex funding formulas to keep people like me employed.

This is a three-part series that explores ways that states fund education for specific student populations and school characteristics.

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State Information Requests

Brief issue scans, typically provided within 48 hours, that provide top-level information on funding.

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