Funding dictates what is possible in policy. Without adequate education funding, it is not possible to implement innovative ideas, create new policies or strengthen existing ones. Our work at Education Commission of the States focuses on how money supports systems across the education spectrum — from early learning through workforce development — and across the country in all 50 states and territories. Our work recognizes that these decisions are often difficult, which is why we provide policymakers with unbiased information and opportunities for collaboration.


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While states and districts grapple with myriad challenges — including staffing shortages, inflation and impacts from enrollment declines on budgets — leaders are also enacting policies to improve critical services for students.

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States, school districts and charter schools will be receiving $190 billion in federal aid from the three relief packages passed since March 2020. The bulk of the funds from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) will be flowing through states to districts and charters. This means that while local districts have the final say in how most of the funds will be spent, state leaders have the pivotal role of assisting local districts as they put this historic investment to work to support students and educators.

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The plans show states are deploying their share of the resources in unique ways; ramping up high-dosage tutoring and expanding social and emotional learning support.

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As the state budget season approaches and the American Rescue Plan has been enacted, it’s worth taking a look at how states are thinking about K-12 funding for the upcoming fiscal year. We explored this in our latest Policy Snapshot on K-12 Funding Policy Responses to COVID-19...

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In January 2022, the Biden Administration announced nearly $200 million from the American Rescue Plan to fund basic needs supports for college students at community colleges and rural institutions. These basic needs supports include housing and food assistance, child care for student parents...

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