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State Legislation: Governance

For our interactive map of enacted and vetoed state legislation from the 2020-current legislative sessions, please click here.
For legislation prior to 2020, select by state or from the list of topics below:

Governance: Deregulation / Waivers / Home Rule
Governance: Ethics / Conflict of Interest
Governance: Mandates
Governance: Regional Entities
Governance: School Boards
Governance: School Boards: Training
Governance: Site-Based Management
Governance: State Boards / Chiefs / Agencies
Leadership: District Superintendent
Leadership: District Superintendent: Compensation and Diversified Pay
Leadership: Principal / School Leadership
Leadership: Principal / School Leadership: Certification and Licensure
Leadership: Principal / School Leadership: Compensation and Diversified Pay
Leadership: Principal / School Leadership: Evaluation and Effectiveness
Leadership: Principal / School Leadership: Induction Programs and Mentoring
Leadership: Principal / School Leadership: Preparation
Leadership: Principal / School Leadership: Professional Development
Leadership: Principal / School Leadership: Recruitment and Retention
Leadership: Principal / School Leadership: Tenure
P-3 Governance
P-3 Principals / Leadership
P-3 Public / Private Partnerships
Postsecondary: Governance
Private Schools
Public Involvement
School / District Structure / Operations
School / District Structure / Operations: District Consolidation / Deconsolidation
School / District Structure / Operations: District Size
School / District Structure / Operations: Facilities
School / District Structure / Operations: Food Service
School / District Structure / Operations: Libraries
School / District Structure / Operations: Personnel (Non-Teaching)
School / District Structure / Operations: Shared Services
School / District Structure / Operations: Staffing Ratios
School / District Structure / Operations: Transportation
State Policymaking
State Policymaking: Task Forces / Commissions
Student Records / Rights


Jan. 31, 2020

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