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For legislation prior to 2019, select by state or from the list of topics below:

Athletics / Extracurricular Activities
Career / Technical Education
Civic Education
Civic Education: Character Education
Common Core State Standards and Assessments
Competency-Based Education (K-12)
Curriculum: Arts Education
Curriculum: Computer Science
Curriculum: Drivers Education
Curriculum: Family Living Education
Curriculum: Financial Literacy / Economics Ed.
Curriculum: Foreign Language / Sign Language
Curriculum: Health and Nutrition Education
Curriculum: Language Arts
Curriculum: Language Arts: Writing / Spelling
Curriculum: Mathematics
Curriculum: Multicultural
Curriculum: Physical Education
Curriculum: Science
Curriculum: Sex Education
Curriculum: Social Studies / History
High School
High School: Equivalency Exams / Credentials
High School: Graduation Requirements
Instructional Approaches
Instructional Approaches: Grading Practices
International Baccalaureate
Middle School
Online Learning: Digital / Blended Learning
Online Learning: Virtual Schools / Courses
P-16 or P-20
P-3 Child Care
P-3 Content Standards and Assessment
P-3 Grades 1-3
P-3 Kindergarten
P-3 Kindergarten: Full-Day Kindergarten
P-3 Preschool
P-3 Special Ed. / Inclusion
P-3 Technology
Postsecondary: Online Education
Reading / Literacy
Social / Emotional Learning and Non-Cognitive Skills
State Longitudinal Data Systems
Textbooks and Open Source

 PUBLISHED: October 21, 2015




 STATE(S): Nationwide

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