Who We Are.
Who We Are.
Education Commission of the States is the essential, indispensable member of any team addressing education policy. 

What We Do.
What We Do.
Education Commission of the States serves as a partner to state policymakers by providing personalized support and helping education leaders come together to learn from one another. Through our programs and services, policymakers gain the insight and experience needed to create effective education policy. 

We compile information on education policies from early childhood through workforce so state policymakers can make informed decisions.

We regularly issue relevant and timely reports providing education leaders with concise, factual overviews on the full spectrum of state education policies. 

We are available to provide trusted advice on policy plans, consult on proposed legislation and testify at legislative hearings and interim committees as third-party experts. 

We bring education leaders together within their states and across states to interact, collaborate and learn from each other. 

What Sets Us Apart.
What Sets Us Apart.
Full Education Spectrum.

We provide policymakers with comprehensive information on issues across the full education spectrum from early childhood to workforce development.

Nonpartisan and Trusted.

We provide policymakers with nonpartisan facts so they are equipped to make educated decisions. 

All Education Leaders.

We create opportunities for all state education leaders across political parties and role groups to collaborate and learn from one another. 

Learn From Experience.

We share education challenges states face and innovative approaches to enable leaders to learn from each other without recreating the wheel.

The Commission
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