Connecting Education and Work

Across the states, anywhere from 33% to 57% of people say they need additional education to progress in their careers. Carefully designed state policy can ensure they are not only connected to quality training opportunities, but that those opportunities lead to in-demand occupations and skill sets.

This collection of resources aims to support state leaders as they bridge the gap between education and the world of work. Resources are split into three main areas:

  • LEARN all of the ins and outs of workforce development. The glossary and guide provide foundational information, if you are new to this issue.
  • STRATEGIZE solutions to the challenges many states face in funding and implementation. These resources provide innovative state examples.
  • RESPOND to the demands of your unique workforce and economy. Strengthen connections between education and work by relying on the policy principles provided here.

Perceived Need for Additional Education Among Working Adults Without a Bachelor’s Degree