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State Information Request: Literacy Instruction

Our Policy Team compiled information on states that made changes to certification and licensure which resulted in overall gains in literacy or successful impacts for students who are low-income, English…


  December 9, 2020

  State Information Request


  AK, AL, CO, ID, MI, MS, OH, WI, WV

  Standards & Curriculum

Designing Effective K-3 Literacy Policies and Navigating the Pandemic

By now, it is no surprise that early literacy skills are fundamental to educational success. However, teaching literacy is complicated; as such, states have been grappling with low literacy achievement…


  September 17, 2020

  Blog Post


  TN, WI

  Assessment, Standards & Curriculum

The Other Branch: Outcomes of Gary B. v. Snyder

A year ago, we wrote about Gary B. v. Snyder: a federal case filed in 2016 on behalf of students in the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD). The case argued that…


  July 15, 2020

  Blog Post




Exploring New Research on Pre-K Outcomes

This Policy Brief analyzes 15 research studies on the effectiveness of pre-K outcomes in programs across the country and finds evidence of sustaining effects beyond kindergarten.


  May 18, 2020

  Policy Report

  Early Education (P-3)

  AL, CO, FL, GA, IL, NC, NY, OK, TN, VA

  Assessment, Attendance, Standards & Curriculum

Enhancing STEM in P-3 Education

This Policy Guide, informed by experts in early education and STEM fields, identifies policies and actions a state can adopt to bring STEM opportunities to the early grades (pre-K through…


  January 22, 2020

  Policy Report

  Early Education (P-3)

  IA, ID, NV, UT, VA, WA